Flood Insurance in Nevada

In Las Vegas, NV, you might not instantly think of flooding. After all, why would you? It's the middle of the desert, where for the most part, things are sunny and dry throughout the year. That, however, is where the trouble can start. When it does rain, it usually comes down hard, and as the ground is not accustomed to regular moisture, it cannot absorb that kind of rain. So, heavy rain is going to flow through properties freely. If you live on the downward slope of even a slight hill, the rain from an entire community might be heading right for your property. Additionally, flooding can occur from other instances within your home as well. To ensure your property is protected and ensure you are not forced to pay for repairs entirely out of pocket, our Leo Insurance Group staff is here to help.

Flooding in Different Ways

There are several ways your property can flood. Not only from rain but a burst pipe or ceiling sprinkler system. It is important to understand what a flood policy covers and what you will need to find additional protection coverage.

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Flooding isn't something that happens every day here in Las Vegas, but you need to consider something when protecting your property. Flooding damage can become especially expensive to pay out of pocket. Not only are you required to pay for the removal of water, but you will likely need to bring in mold specialists and make sure your home is free of mold that forms after a property floods. The mold issue itself can quickly become more expensive than the repairs for the water itself. All of this can be taken care of if you live around metro Las Vegas, NV. Our Nevada staff here at Leo Insurance Group wants to sit down and work with you in finding the right home insurance coverage, which also includes flood insurance. So, give us a call today.

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