Umbrella Insurance in Nevada

With a family, a home, and a couple of vehicles, you might believe that you have sufficient insurance. Even your life is insured, but for purposes of liability, you might not have enough coverage, even if you've maximized your policy limits. All it takes is a simple distraction while you're driving or a fall at your front doorstep, and severe and permanent injuries or even death can be caused. Suddenly, your maximum liability coverage isn't enough, and the assets of you and your family are exposed to seizure to satisfy a judgment. If you live in or around Las Vegas, NV, you'll want to speak with us at Leo Insurance Group about umbrella insurance in Nevada.

What is Umbrella Insurance in Nevada?

Umbrella insurance protects you in your car, home, or elsewhere when you accidentally cause an accident and severe injuries, and the damages suffered by the victim exceed your underlying liability coverage. Once those policy limits have been met, your umbrella insurance is triggered. It starts at $1 million of coverage, and it goes up by $1 million increments from there. You can think of umbrella insurance as an extra level of protection that's secondary to your homeowners, renter, or car insurance that you already have.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Nevada?

If you have a family, a high paying job, significant assets, or you volunteer, coach youth sports, or own rental property, you'll want to speak with us about umbrella insurance. Along with any settlement or verdict up to the amount of your coverage, your insurer could even appoint insurance defense attorneys on your behalf.

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In the event of an accident, don't expose the assets you've worked so hard to acquire. Call us or visit us at Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV for your umbrella coverage needs. We can arrange a policy that goes well beyond what you might need.

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